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    As you know, Rob has started up his own renovation company.  The company is listed on a reviews site which allows other people to connect to the service.

    In order to get better ratings, we need to have some reviews from people that are not linked to Rob.  Trusted pros does social media searches and other background checks to ensure this. 

    Rob has done jobs for friends and family that have tried to submit a review.  However, trusted pros does not allow reviews from friends and family.

    I am asking if you could please provide me with your email, so that I may send you a “review request” that you can cut and paste to the site.

    Your review will be for: 

    Rob will be formally sending out and invitation for you to follow, so I will need your email address please.  Once you receive this invitation, open the link and cut and paste the “script” that I have provided to you.

    You will then be provided with an “invoice” as Trusted Pros may require you to send a picture to prove that the renovation is legit.

    I have only sent to request to people we can trust.

    Please let me know if you are willing to participate, and I will send you your “script”.

    Thank you in advance.






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