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    What does “Rhodium” mean?

    Rob has always been a bit of a science & math enthusiast. Rhodium (pronounced Rho-dee-um) is considered one of, if not the most, valuable metals on the planet. However, in the grand scheme of overall elements, it is closer to the median in price. This was a great representation of who we are. In our specialized field, we strive to bring the most value to everyone one of our clients. However, with respect to overall renovation industry, we are not the highest price. The fact that the symbol for Rhodium is “Rh”, was a bonus.


    What separates Rhodium Renovations from the others?

    That is a great question.

    There are some very high quality, trustworthy contractors out there. No question. Unfortunately, there are also a larger number of “not so” high quality ones. At Rhodium, we look at every home as our own. Your home is the biggest investment you will likely make and is more than just brick and mortar, as they say. Our personal attention to all your desires to make it how you want, is our number one goal. Superior Quality, Value and Service isn’t just our slogan, it’s the only thing we know.

    Add that with our “open book” philosophy, you know exactly where your investment dollars are going and have a full understanding of all the costs associated with your project. We want to partner with you and ensure you are involved with every phase of what’s happening.


    FAQ’s – Our Process

    So how long does it take?

    Every project is different. Existing conditions of the home, level of detail desired, size of job, availability of specialty finishes, etc.  Here is a quick glimpse of the process:

    Initial Free Consultation – We will come to your home to get an idea of what you are looking to do. We will make a preliminary sketch to reflect your vision. There will be a lot of questions that, chances are, you may not have answers for initially. That’s ok. It’s normal. Lots to consider.

    Budget Discussion – Everyone’s favourite topic. Ever heard the phrase “the eyes are bigger then the stomach?” Same goes for renovations. Everything is possible. You want it done, it can be. However, everything comes with a cost. We can discuss all these great ideas and desires; we can come back with a price for it all and after you recover from fainting, you advise that’s three times what you budgeted. LOL!!! I’ve seen it happen.

    This is why we have the initial discussion during the consultation. It is very important to ensure the budget matches the desire.

    Proposal Presentation – We will come back within 72 hours with an estimate of the cost of the proposed project. This the chance to review initial numbers, clarify any questions you have. We will breakdown the costs for you and provide you a solid idea of what you are looking at to bring your vision to life.

    Contract Agreement – Once you decide Rhodium is the company for you, we will generate an agreement for the work to be completed and review it with you prior to signing.

    Design Stage – Time to really get the show on the road. We will bring in our design team to generate a full set of plans for your approval and make any suggestions and modifications, as required. Once signed off by you, we will submit for all required permits

    Construction Stage It’s time to make the magic happen. We will schedule a start day and provide you with a full schedule of events so you will know when things are to happen and how long they will take.

    During this phase, we will be in constant communication about the project. How things are progressing, any unforeseen details that have come up, any questions you may have during the process, etc. We truly believe you CANNOT over communicate.

    Reveal Day / Final Walkthrough – You have been there from day one and we have done our best to ensure everything is exactly as it should be. With that, we still happily walk through your finished project and answer any final questions and deal with any final concerns you may have.

    One, Three, Six month & Annual Follow ups - We are not just going to pack up and run. We want to know how you are enjoying your new space and ensure you are loving it as much as you did on Reveal Day, so we will connect with you periodically to stay in touch.


    FAQ’s – Things to consider when hiring a contractor

    Are they licensed and fully insured?

    If not – Red Flag. Most cities require a company to obtain and Contractor License and have a licensed Master on staff. Hamilton certainly does.

    Rhodium is in full compliance with all licensing requirements and are fully insured for all jobs we take on.

    Are they a member of a local Association?

    Why is this important? Each association acts as a governing body for the industry and acts a liaison for client and contractor. Always a good idea to have “big brother” watching. Will only benefit you in the long run.

    Rhodium is a member in good standing with HHHBA, TrustedPros and Homestars.



    Are they experienced in the project you are looking to do?

    So many times I have heard stories similar to, “well, he did a great job on my friend’s deck so I hired him to do my kitchen?”. Unfortunately, this more times than not, doesn’t work out the best. We all have our areas of expertise. You wouldn’t hire your dentist to perform your heart surgery.

    Rhodium team has over 60 years in the industry and focus on Basements, Kitchen’s and Bath’s.

    Do they bring in the specialists”?

    Contractors who do all the work themselves can reduce costs on the project. Much cheaper to pay your own crew less than bring in a sub. But… are you getting the best for your investment? How much are you really saving at the end of the day? Think of the value you are getting for your dollar, not the cost. There is a big difference at the end of the day.

    Also – insurance companies tend to deny claims should they discover work was done by a non-licensed person. Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, etc. are all specialty licensed trades.

    Rhodium uses all specialty trades in accordance will required laws. We bring on the best experts for each and every job. Our clients deserve it.

    I spoke with another contractor that said I don’t need a permit, why does Rhodium insist on getting them?

    What are permits for? Very simply, they are there to protect you, the homeowner, not the contractor. They are there to ensure all the work being done on your home is up to code and safe for your future use. If your project is in the range of $30,000 investment on your part, why wouldn’t a few hundred dollars for that 3rd party “double check” be valuable to you? Think about why some contractors would advise not to get permits.

    In accordance with all governing laws, Rhodium will include required permits as part of the job. It is a requirement of our licensing and insurance.

    FAQ’s – Final Thoughts

    Value vs. Cost

    We get it. There is only so much money in the budget. We all deal with this daily. When it comes down to it, it is important to really focus on the value you are getting for your money rather than “what’s the cost”. Often, that cost question interferes with the big picture and tends to drive costs higher in the long run. Two foods for thought here. “Pay now or pay later” and “Spend your investment dollar the right way”

    From the initial consultation, Rhodium will work with you to ensure you are getting the best overall value and return on your investment. Our focus in on the long term.

    What should I consider when looking to renovate?

    Biggest advice is to keep a contingency fund set aside. If your bottom line budget is $20,000, let’s plan for a beautiful $15,000 project. We will do our due diligence to determine any possible situations we may encounter but you never know what is behind the walls or under the floor until you open it up. If there are issues with structural, electrical, plumbing, environmental issues (such as mold, asbestos, etc.), they need to be dealt with properly and without hesitation.